2nd Tuesday of Each Month: GSBA Monthly Breakfast at Intersections

3rd Tuesday of Each Month: GSBA Monthly Meeting at MCA Offices
on even months (Feb, April, June, August, Oct) bring promotional items to stuff into Welcome Bags

NOTE: There is no meeting or breakfast for the month of December.

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Are YOU Intuitive?

From Fran Gallaher, Intuitive Life Coach with Really Flourish

  • What if you knew that intuition, rather than something only certain people are gifted with, is something YOU have—and simply one way the brain works? 
  • What if you learned how and when you could trust your gut?
  • What if you could overcome the number one block to using your intuition now, and how paying attention to those gut feelings could actually lead to:
    • greater wholeness
    • more connectedness to yourself and others and
    • greater ease and flow in making difficult decisions?

Come to an evening talk with Intuitive Life Coach Fran Gallaher and learn more about how to Trust Your Gut!

About Fran

Fran Gallaher is an Intuitive Life Coach and the Founder of Really Flourish LLC. Fran uses her intuition and access to guides—yours and hers—to make her coaching focused and effective to get to the heart of your situation. She also uses focusing exercises and energy processes to assist clients during individual sessions and workshops to allow her clients to more strongly connect to their inner selves through direct experience and the discovery of their own, often unrecognized, inner resources and heart’s desires.

An, Intuitive Life Coach, presenter, writer, and leader in the area of personal and business evolution, Fran lives in Denver, Colorado.

Contact Fran:
Fran Gallaher, Intuitive Coach with Really Flourish, LLC
[email protected]
303 722 5115 (talk or text)


We want to connect you to a healthy, vibrant, fun life so we hold these events just for you!

Join our group of wellness minded, professional women to mingle, enjoy a glass of wine and snacks and learn about a topic to enhance your wellness (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial).

We bring in amazing speakers to educate and inspire you.

3rd Wednesdays of each month at 7pm.
Price $20 to attend.
Tickets at Venmo [email protected]